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10 Things Not To Do On Your Business Social Media Account

Social media has the potential to grow your business on a global scale, just read our post on 6 Benefits of Social Media Market to find out why, but if you go too far there can be grave consequences.

  1. Forgetting to Edit

One way that people separate wheat from chaff is by the typographical and grammatical blunders in a business’s social media accounts. Make sure that yours falls into the former category by thoroughly editing posts first.

  1. Text Heavy Posts

Have a good story? Great! But remember to include an eye-catching image or perhaps do a Fb live telling the information, or an excerpt, rather than just posting the text by itself. Visuals sell and while having both short- and long-form stories are good for variety, make sure they are always accompanied by a visual. Don’t know where to get royalty free images from? We’ve got you covered in our post: FREE Images That Actually Look Good

  1. Ignoring Negative Comments

One of the benefits of social media is that it opens up a communication channel with your business, but that also means that if someone has something negative to say they likely will. This gives you the opportunity to respond in a way that can show your humanity and work towards solving the problem. Apologise if required, offer recompense if necessary, but always be genuine, polite and respectful with helping customers with their problem.

  1. Losing Your Vision

Strategy is required if you aim for your business to survive in the social media world, for without vision, businesses perish. On your personal account only positing when inspiration strikes is fine, but on your business account the more you post the more exposure you’ll receive. You need to remember that the purpose of your business is to enrich your customers life and without strategy you’ll struggle to bring the purpose to life. 59% of consumers are wanting to learn something through social media. Also if you don’t know your vision you’ll struggle to know your target audience then you posts won’t be tailored to appeal to potential customers.

  1. Sounding Overly Salesy

In a world of false news, people are searching for authenticity. Product promotion is good practice, but try and avoid posts that are too salesy. Instead inform, inspire and entertain through authentic storytelling.

  1. Not Using Hashtags

Hashtags are a way that a lot of social media users find what’s relevant to them in the social media sphere. If your brand doesn’t use them you are missing out on potential, free engagement.

  1. Mixing Up Your Business and Personal Accounts

Yes, be authentic and engaging, but a line needs to be drawn between business and personal posts. For example, your followers usually don’t want to know what your morning skin care routine is (unless your business is in the cosmetics industry).

  1. Only Using One Social Media Platform

While Facebook is the largest social network at the moment with almost 2.5 billion monthly active users at the end of 2019, it pays to ustilise 2-4 different platforms depending on your ideal audience, and link them to your website. Don’t know which platforms to use? Read our free guide to: Understanding Which Social Media Platform is For My Business.

  1. Not Monitoring Posts and Advertisements

A good Social Media Campaign requires frequent optimization. This is not possible without monitoring the campaign. You can monitor through the platforms in-house tools or through external tools like Hootsuite and Google Analytics.

  1. Post Only Your Own Content

A great way to add value for your followers is to share relevant content related to your industry. This not only helps to save on time in regards to content creation but also allows you to leverage your business with other popular brands.

Doing well using Social Media is all creating and sticking to a strategy as well as finding balance. We can help with that.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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